Purrfit : Eating unhealthy food isn’t bad for you


Hello my lovelies!

Are you a self confessed health nut, or are you more lenient with what you eat? I eat clean 6 out of the 7 days in a week. Why? Because having cheat or ‘YOLO meals’ are important. Today I’m going to tell you why.

I’d love to tell you that eating greasy, fast foods all the time wouldn’t make you gain weight and affect your health but there is no way to make a call like that with all the evidence we have thanks to scientific studies and diet shows galore.


In saying that, having the occasional ‘cheat meal‘ is good for you! Here are a few reasons why letting loose for one meal (generally dinner) isn’t a reason to start hating on yourself for falling off the diet train.

It keeps your metabolism guessing : eating something calorie dense once a week is going to balance out your metabolism by keeping it guessing. If you eat healthily all the time it won’t be expecting a sudden change and in doing so will rev it up and make it work harder/faster than if you keep with the same old same old.

It keeps you from being left out : Are you that one friend that’s a health and fitness junkie that is always surrounded by Cheeto scoffing individuals that couldn’t care less about how many calories or how little nutrients are in their food? Do you feel left out? I sure do sometimes! That’s why spending your once a week YOLO meal with friends at a nice restaurant or party is a great way to keep your social life intact. Because let’s be honest, seeing a fit healthy woman eating a burger and not giving a flying f*** really puts a smile on your face – finally they look like they’re human!

It satisfies your cravings in a healthy way : Do you ever just want a can of Pringles or a Snickers bar? Sometimes if you go from eating not so healthy to super clean really fast your body begins to crave the sugar loaded foods you used to indulge upon. Eating one meal of something you used to enjoy a lot like say Butter Chicken and Naan or Pizza isn’t going to hurt you! Ever heard the saying one bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny? This is a true testament to that and something you should remember when having the one meal indulgence – it’s not something to feel guilty about!

You’re more likely to stick with it : Yo-yo dieting (aka going on strict diets of little calories after living on fast food) is unhealthy, and a ridiculous way to loose weight, that’s a fact. Generally once people see signs of weight loss or get to their goal weight they tend to become more lenient and end up over indulging. If you eat clean 6 or even 5 full days of the week having one meal of pure indulgence a week will make you feel satisfied and proud that you were able to stick through a week of clean eating to have a delicious reward. You’re once a week cheat meal should make you want to work harder during workouts and stick to being clean weekly ; because if you do, that one meal will taste soooo much better than if you’ve been half-assing it all week.

That’s why having YOLO meals are important. Now while we’re on the topic what’s your favorite indulgent meal? Mines definitely Butter Chicken, it’s just so creamy and satisfying!

Anyway, I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday.

Until next time,


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