Best Buys of January 2015

I’ll admit, I do love a good shopping trip every once in a while. Over the past few weeks i’ve been taking the time to check out some of my local stores to see what they have to offer. I’ve actually been quite amazed with what i’ve found in these boutique stores, as I never really expected to find such fashion-forward, modern clothing in the humble town I call home (or HAVE ; see What to Wear When Moving House). Despite the prices of the clothing in these boutiques being significantly higher than what I would pay at say, Forever 21I can confidently slam down the cash knowing that these items are of a higher quality and in general are more ‘stylish’ than the garments being sold in fast-fashion retailers such as the afore mentioned store. So without further a due, read on to find out what i’ve purchased this month, and why i’m absolutely loving these pieces. Continue reading Best Buys of January 2015