For When it’s THAT Time of The Month : Moxie to The Rescue


We ladies have to suffer a lot in this world. The majority of this suffering happens at least four days out of every month, and these four days can turn us from happy go-lucky beings to angry, cantankerous messes in a split second.

Let’s get real, periods suck. I don’t like them, and I doubt any other female truly enjoys walking like a cowboy everywhere during this period of unrest (pun pun pun). It’s not a good time for any of us, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer sans style.

A bit of a different post, but today I’d like to give credit where credit is due -> to the brand Moxie, the creators behind the cutest lady-time-wares I’ve ever come across. Read on to discover the mother of all tampons and pads. Continue reading

Fake the False-Lash Look with Too Faced


False Lashes make your eyes pop, and they’re a beauty must-have for special occasions. However, when it comes to application, those false lashes can prove to be an absolute nightmare – especially if you haven’t got the time for mistakes! Personally, I prefer to use fibre mascara to achieve a false-lash look with ease. Read on to find out where you can get this magical product, and how to use it effectively to fake those fake lashes.  Continue reading

How to Shop Like a Stylist


Have you cleaned out your wardrobe lately? If you have, you are bound to have found some items that you’ve hardly ever worn – they don’t suit your tastes, they don’t fit, and in all honesty you have no idea why you bought them in the first place. Why is it that we women spend absolute wads of cash each year on clothing and accessories, yet we hardly find the time to wear all of our purchases? For those of us who realise that money doesn’t grow on trees, figuring out how much money you’ve wasted on clothes over the year(s) can give you an absolute headache. But what do you do about it? Well, you learn to shop like a Personal Stylist of course. Continue reading

Black is always in Fashion


I’m guilty of having an excessive amount of Black clothing items in my wardrobe, but Black is such a wearable colour! Plus, it never, ever, goes out of Fashion. Whether it’s a LBD, Black Stiletto Pumps or the like, Black is known to be associated with ‘Classic’ clothing items. It’s neutral, a basic, the starting point from where all good outfits should blossom. That’s why i’ve created a few sets on Polyvore to showcase the best of Black. Continue reading

Handbags : The Good, The Bad and The Down-right Atrocious

This Michael Kors bag is a classic, and perfect for the office and for out and about. The colour is easy to rock with anything, and there is no worry of staining whatsoever.

It’s crazy to think that some women carry over 7kgs of weight within their purse, on the daily. Why do we even bother going to the gym to lift weights when we could just use our handbags? No wonder I always need to go to the chiropractor.

There are certain handbags that are classy, sophisticated, and able to work with a multitude of outfits. And most of all are perfect take-to-work bags. However, there are the few that are just inappropriate, on all occasions. Today i’d like to talk about the good, the bad, and the down-right atrocious : handbags. Continue reading

Fashion Miracles and Disasters : Hitting The Headlines


This week has been a whirlwind of hard hitting fashion news. From the rumours of a new Sex and The City movie being put to bed in an Interview with SJP on Ellen,to Glassons being caught-out using mannequins baring visible ribs in their stores throughout Australia and New Zealand! For this weeks fashion news round-up, read on stylers! Continue reading

The Modern Teenager’s Fashion Woes

Being a teenager in the modern world is pretty difficult. I mean, juggling our social lives on and offline, studying whilst also updating our blogs and instagrams - it's pretty much a full-time job! On top of this, when it comes to refreshing our wardrobes with the latest season trends it can be very difficult to find clothing that fits well on a variety of body shapes and also fits varied budgets. Most of the 'trend' items that are on the market don't allow us much discretion when it comes to 'showing skin', and at other times the items are often over-priced, overly sexualized and otherwise uncomfortable. Continue reading 

5-Second Confidence Boost


Whether it’s a nerve-racking job interview, first date with the potential man-of-your-dreams or a public speaking assessment there’s always going to be times in your life where you need a bit of a confidence boost – a last minute pick-me-up. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you on your way to a more confident you, in only 5 seconds! Let’s get a move on shall we? Continue reading

Style Street


Here are some of my favourite street-style snaps guaranteed to inspire your next shopping trip – the hunt for the silver heels begins now! For more styling snaps check out my tumblr and the S.A.S Facebook page here.






Spring Makeup Inspiration

White winged eyeliner - for a more low-key look.

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the makeup routine, well for me at least. Here are a couple of fun and dewy makeup looks to spring you forward into the new season. For more inspiration make sure to check out the sought-after style Facebook page here. Continue reading