How to Create Your Perfect Wardrobe : 4 Easy Steps

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Break Your Black : Guest Blog


The days are getting shorter again, what means the winter is coming. And if you love to wear black in the winter (just like me), you will recognise the struggle to avoid a dull and plain look. Here are a few tips on how to break your black outfit and spice it up:

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Miracle Cream for Acne Sufferers and their Troubled Skin

Dewy looks are always a winner when it comes to spring, and they're not that hard to achieve given the increase in temperature... am I right?

On the most part i’ve been blessed with avoiding severe acne throughout my teens, but recently my skin has taken a turn for the worst and has been driving me a little bit nuts. I mostly put this down to not avoiding the foods that I should (lactose, as i’m intolerant to the stuff) and a whole lot of junk. Plus, drinking less water than I should is a sure-fire way to piss off my skin. So in short, I was holding out for a miracle. My scars were getting deeper and it seemed like with each day these tiny volcanos dotting my face were multiplying. Then, I found this miracle product that has completely changed my skin and my outlook on skincare as a whole. Continue reading

The Dairy

Embroidery is beautiful, and this particular print is just breathtaking! This is part of a special collection on the dairy, i'm totally in love with it!

Going on from my previous post, Phone Woes, I must say that the best phone cases i’ve ever used are the ones from The Diary Australia. They’re bold, bright, fun and interesting. Plus, they ship so quickly and they even have the option to create your own phone case with your own images! A few years ago I created a Cara Delevigne (my girl crush!) case that was just amazing, but now it’s time for an update. Here are some of my favourite designs currently on offer from reading

Back to School – Makeup Look


Hello my lovelies!

Today i’m going to be showing you how to achieve a natural, everyday makeup look perfect for wear at school. I realise that some schools do not allow girls to wear makeup, as is the rule at mine, but even so if you just apply a lighter more natural looking foundation and utilise a few of the tips and tricks i’ll be sharing with you today then it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get away with it. Without further a due here is a simple and sweet tutorial for a ‘back to school’ makeup look. Continue reading

Back to School – Makeup Bag Must-haves + COMPETITION!


Hello my lovelies!

Not long now is it… school holidays are quickly coming to a close and that means it’s time to get prepped for school. Now as a member of the female gender I find that I feel much more relaxed about school if I know that I have a sort of ‘emergency kit’ in my bag, because some days you just never know. Want to know what items to stuff in your makeup bag to keep beauty-related stress to a minimal this school year? Then read on ladies!  Continue reading

Back to School : Locker Essentials



Hey there my lovelies!

If you’re a student like me you probably cringed reading the title of this post. Back-to-School time already? Ugh, the holidays are never long enough are they? Oh well, it’s time to suck it up and get on with the organising and to help you out through this stressful and nerve-racking time i’ve decided to post a series of ‘Back to School’ articles this week to help my fellow students out. Due to this being my last year at school I thought i’d really go all out, so they’re going to be quite thorough posts, I hope you find them useful!

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Perfect Products for Christmas

Perfect Products for Christmas
Hello my lovelies!
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here ; snow, lights in the streets, Christmas tree is up and the stores are packed. Are you looking for a way to inject a bit of Christmas into your makeup bag? Well, have I got the post for you today! Continue reading

Product Praise : Three things I can’t live without

Product Praise : Three things I can't live without
Hello my lovelies!
I never realised how detrimental winter could be for your skin – in Australia winter is merely a drop in a few degrees and a whole lot of wind mixed with cooler air. Here in Switzerland winter is snow, wind that cradles your face with freezing air that makes it feel like you’ve just stuck your head in a freezer. It’s crazy different, and i’m so glad that I invested in appropriate beauty products before I came here, or I would surely have dry skin and chapping lips. Here’s what i’m loving at the moment – well, more like need at the moment.  Continue reading

Outfit du Jour : Second Day à L’ecole



Hello there my lovelies!

It’s early in the morning but I couldn’t help getting up to put on all my pretty things for school today. I absolutely love how I can wear whatever I want and some to school instead of a uniform and minimal makeup, it’s nice to be able to just be yourself! Anyway, wanna know what i’m wearing today? Keep reading then!  Continue reading