Style in an Instant


With the prevalence of Social Media in our lives during these modern times, Style Inspiration is readily available no matter your personal style preferences. Whether you’re into Feminine and Floral styles or gravitate toward Minimalistic dressing, there are a plethora of pics on the web to inspire your next clothing purchases and outfit pairings.

Today i’d like to share with you a few images I have posted on the @soughtafterstyle Instagram page, to give you a sneak peek into what you could find if you choose to follow the blog via Instagram! Pssst.. I often release Instagram-Only competitions, so I suggest you follow quick-smart!

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Beauty Must-Haves for the Acne Sufferer – Tried & Tested


Acne is whole lot of hurt. Not just the hurt of the annoying, under-the-skin bumps either. Having acne is emotionally draining, over time those little bumps slowly steal away at your self-confidence. There are so many different products on the market that claim to rid your skin of acne. However, the majority of them just don’t work. During my struggle with acne I tried everything from Proactiv to Clearasil. Nothing worked for me, until about a month ago, when I came across some of the most amazing products i’ve ever tried… and now all i’ve got to deal with are the minimal scarring left behind! Read on to find out what Skincare products you need if you suffer from acne. Make sure to Share this post with someone you know that’s going through an acne battle, the quicker they find these products the better! Continue reading

How to Create Your Perfect Wardrobe : 4 Easy Steps

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Golden Delicacies


I’ve always been a fan of delicate, golden jewellery. That’s why i’m so thrilled that brand-spanking new Australian company, By Baby, are allowing Sought-after Style readers an exclusive look at their their first ever jewellery collection launching this month. Read on and take a look at the intricate bling coming soon to their website, and make sure to give their Facebook page a ‘Like’ by following the click-through link hereContinue reading

Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours



Hey there lovelies! So, i’m wanting to get Sought-after Style to 500 Facebook Likes by New Years Day. However, this is going to take some serious help. If you’re interested in winning a $100 Voucher for Mecca Cosmetica (basically an Australian Sephora) please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the Sought-after Style Facebook Page! Click here to be redirected to the page.


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Feeling Flat


It’s the middle of the week so it’s time for some inspiration, style inspiration that is! Here are some of my favourite Flat-lay’s from Tumblr as of this week. Comment below what your favourite outfit is from the following to discuss! Don’t forget to follow S.A.S on Facebook for more frequent style and decorating inspiration for your home, wardrobe and life. Continue reading

Style Street


Here are some of my favourite street-style snaps guaranteed to inspire your next shopping trip – the hunt for the silver heels begins now! For more styling snaps check out my tumblr and the S.A.S Facebook page here.






Narcissism at its finest


What do you think of your face? Honestly. If you didn’t like the way you looked you wouldn’t be taking selfies, or maybe you would be, we all know the surge of pleasure that comes when the likes start rolling in on a well lit selfie. Now, what if you put that killer selfie on a jumper, or a tee, and started walking around town wearing your face tiled all over your upper body. What would you think of your face then? Continue reading

Indecisive Me


So, as you can probably guess from the amount of times i’ve changed this blog’s name, i’m a pretty indecisive person. In all honesty I have no idea where I get that from, actually that’s a lie, according to my astrologically knowledgable grandparents it stems from the position of the moon at the time of my birth. Damn moon, why do you do this to me?
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