Back to School : Staying Healthy as a Student




Hello my lovelies!

Staying healthy, eating cleaner, ugh isn’t that just the most generic resolution? This may be so, but it’s because it’s such a great thing to do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Especially as teenagers we are subjected to marketing of unhealthy food products that in the long run are going to give us numerous health problems. Instead of falling into the traps of the food industry that we’ve been baited to since early childhood (happy meal anyone?) it’s time that we students take it upon ourselves to create healthy habits that will serve us for the rest of our lives. It’s easier to change your ways when you’re young, rather than when you have hit [enter an age which you think to be old] and are set in your ways. Not to say it’s impossible, but who wants to be on a diet roller coaster for their entire life? I sure don’t. Here is a little list of inspiration for eating cleaner this year, for all of us students. Continue reading Back to School : Staying Healthy as a Student