Back to School : Staying Healthy as a Student




Hello my lovelies!

Staying healthy, eating cleaner, ugh isn’t that just the most generic resolution? This may be so, but it’s because it’s such a great thing to do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Especially as teenagers we are subjected to marketing of unhealthy food products that in the long run are going to give us numerous health problems. Instead of falling into the traps of the food industry that we’ve been baited to since early childhood (happy meal anyone?) it’s time that we students take it upon ourselves to create healthy habits that will serve us for the rest of our lives. It’s easier to change your ways when you’re young, rather than when you have hit [enter an age which you think to be old] and are set in your ways. Not to say it’s impossible, but who wants to be on a diet roller coaster for their entire life? I sure don’t. Here is a little list of inspiration for eating cleaner this year, for all of us students. Continue reading

Get rid of Fat now! – from your vocabulary that is.


Hello my lovelies!

Today i’ve been feeling not so crash hot so instead of writing a full blown post about my views on body image, body bashing and all that jazz I thought that I would direct your attention to a lovely post from one of my favourite online fitness and health websites Fiterazzi. She also happens to be the sister to my favourite online pilates instructor Cassey Ho.

In her article on Fiterazzi, ¬†Casey Wilke addresses one of our favourite words to use and why it is so necessary that we stop using it. It’s an incredibly ingenious post and if you wish to read it for yourself simply click here.

Also, if you end up being hooked on the informative and down-to-earth articles on this up and coming online magazine I totally recommend that you follow their twitter and send them a nice message. Nice words make the world go round lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day or night wherever you happen to be,

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Let’s Go – Body Pump

Let's Go - Body Pump
Hello my lovelies!
You may be reading this thinking ‘What in the world is ‘Body Pump’ ?’ , and also ‘What is with this ”Let’s Go” business? I don’t want to go anywhere!’. Well my lovelies don’t fret, you don’t have to go anywhere (queue sigh of relief) I am simply referring to a weightlifting class I recently attended at a gym here in Switzerland called ‘Let’s Go’. Starting to make more sense now? Good. Continue reading