Q&A with Babi from Babi Bello Shoes



Hey there my lovelies!

It’s no secret that i’m a lover of a good pair of heels, just like a lot of other women on this earth, so I thought that the perfect way to kick off my little once-a-month Q&A’s would be to interview a shoe designer I admire greatly. Babi from Babi Bello Shoes has an amazing background in shoe design – born in Brazil, educated in Miami, and trained in design in New York City it’s no wonder her collections are so unique and interesting. The shoes at BabiBello.com.au are like nothing else i’ve seen, hence the reason I was so keen to pick her brain, and i’m sure you will be too once you see some of her designs below! Continue reading Q&A with Babi from Babi Bello Shoes