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I would love to do more giveaways in the future, but to do so I want to first get @soughtafterstyle to 1K followers on Instagram! At the moment i’m on 636, so it’s not far to go now! If you want Lime Crime, Online Makeup Store and Clothing international giveaways then help me to get @soughtafterstyle to 1K followers by NYE! Also, don’t forget to check out the Sought-after Style Facebook Page here. For a sneak peek into what you can expect to see on the @soughtafterstyle Instagram page check out the gallery below!

Smart Beauty : Skincare

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Here’s the deal : you’re never too young to take care of your skin. Night creams aren’t just for our Mothers and Grandmothers.

If you get started on a great skincare regime now, it is more than likely to become a habit of yours that will keep you looking youthful for far longer than if you wait until the first signs of ageing appear to apply some miracle products on your face.

Today i’m going to share with you some skincare secrets that I have picked up from reading numerous beauty/skincare bibles over the years, and simply from my own trial and error.  Continue reading

Not Your Average Eye Makeup Look


Party season is upon us and although the trusty smokey eye can make your eyes pop and look relatively “va va voom”, it doesn’t mean you should play it safe with your makeup look. Parties give you an excuse to do something dramatic, so make an entrance with your eyes with my top tips for achieving an ‘out-there’ eye makeup look. Continue reading

My Lime Crime Lipstick Collection + Velvetines Giveaway



I’ll admit, I have quite the obsession with Lime Crime Cosmetics. I’ve been using their Opaque Lipsticks for almost two years now, and they are by far my favourite lipstick brand of all time. The brand creates colours that are bright, pigment-packed and have an incredible lasting power. These lippies aren’t for the faint of heart, read on for swatches of my lipsticks and a gallery of me wearing my lippies! Continue reading

Melbourne Cup : What I Wore

Here's a picture of my lovely wine. Can't remember the brand, but it sure was delicious! I brought along with me my trusty Bobbi Brown concealer pack and Lime Crime lippy (poison berry) to keep me looking fresh all day long.

After a full on day of racy fun, it’s time to get down to business and discuss what I rocked (frocked rather) for the annual Melbourne Cup festivities. This year I had the pleasure of attending a work ‘do at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane and it was an absolutely spectacular event. It included free drinks and food, a fashion show, makeup application from the lovely ladies at Arbonne and a bunch of prizes. Take a look at the ‘photo story’ I have put together in summary of this glorious day about town. Continue reading

OOTD : Airborne Unicorn



Hello my lovelies!

I’m still sweeping away the sleep from my eyes this morning, I didn’t get a good rest last night at all. Regardless, I was still able to pull together this cute little number to wear to work today. Perhaps it was the pins that had me not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position? Oh well, beauty is pain. Continue reading

Friday Update : Lime Crime Love



Hello my lovelies!

I adore Lime Crime, it’s obvious based on the amount of photos I upload to the blog with me donning their lipsticks. There’s just so much to love about the product, and today I thought i’d share with you my favourite things about the lipsticks (and eyeliner) from Lime Crime and also give you a few pointers on how to wear them! Continue reading

OOTD : Day to Night



Hello my lovelies!

It’s time to go to work, so as usual i’m wearing an outfit that fits with our regulations, an all black dress code. After work though, unlike most nights when I just go home to sleep and eat, i’ll be heading out to a party with my boyfriend so this week I spent some time pondering what I could put on that would be both work and party appropriate and this is what i’ve come up with. Continue reading

How to : Wear Coloured Makeup

How to : Wear Coloured Makeup

Hello lovely ladies!

Now I thought today i’d share with you my top tip for wearing coloured makeup without it coming off as over-the-top or offensive (aka the classic faux-pas of blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick?!). The trick is to use an eyeshadow or lipstick in a contrasting colour to either your hair (as I do here) or the dominant colour in your outfit.

Because I now have orange hair (thank you bleach wash) I thought it’d stray away from my golden-brown and black sultry smokey eyes to something a bit more fun and creative! In wearing a purple lipstick, (I use poison berry by limecrime) or conjuring up a purple smokey eye using my stila ‘in the moment’ palette I successfully incorporate a pop of colour that lights up not only my face and draws attention to my bone structure but to my outfit of choice!

So in closing, you could choose to wear a dark blue/purple liner when wearing a yellow shirt or smacking on some pretty pink lipstick if you are donning a green scarf over an all-white ensemble! Just take a look at a colour wheel and locate the colour you are wearing (or your hair colour) on the chart and look directly opposite to that and this is the colour you should use to add that extra bit of ‘pop’ to your outfit.