Back to School – Makeup Bag Must-haves + COMPETITION!


Hello my lovelies!

Not long now is it… school holidays are quickly coming to a close and that means it’s time to get prepped for school. Now as a member of the female gender I find that I feel much more relaxed about school if I know that I have a sort of ‘emergency kit’ in my bag, because some days you just never know. Want to know what items to stuff in your makeup bag to keep beauty-related stress to a minimal this school year? Then read on ladies!  Continue reading

Back to School : Locker Essentials



Hey there my lovelies!

If you’re a student like me you probably cringed reading the title of this post. Back-to-School time already? Ugh, the holidays are never long enough are they? Oh well, it’s time to suck it up and get on with the organising and to help you out through this stressful and nerve-racking time i’ve decided to post a series of ‘Back to School’ articles this week to help my fellow students out. Due to this being my last year at school I thought i’d really go all out, so they’re going to be quite thorough posts, I hope you find them useful!

Anyway, let’s get to it shall we? Continue reading

Lost in Translation – Why you should partake in an exchange program


Hello my lovelies!

What a wild ride it has been for me the past two months. I am now on my way back to sun-shiny Australia from freezing cold but lovely Switzerland and i’ve got a whole lot to talk about. I could really go on for a million years about what happened, what weird and wonderful things I saw and did and well if I did that it would become quite boring. Instead of doing that, i’m just going to chuck in a list of reasons why you should partake in an exchange program or simply travel somewhere very far away from where you currently live! Without further a due, here is the list. Continue reading

Nail Tattoos – Whaaaaaat?

nail art

Hello my lovelies!

Most ladies (being generic here, don’t kill me) love painting or decorating their nails. Personally, I find the whole process quite frustrating and difficult and it tends to turn out horribly. Therefore, I either stray away from complicated designs and opt for neutral coloured polish or just do absolutely nothing to them. Although, when I set my eyes on a packet of ‘Nail Tattoos’ for the first time I knew that I just had to try it.

The thought of ‘tattoo-ing’ on nail art brought back nostalgic memories of getting temporary tattoos in bubble gum packets and covering my arms in them as a kid. It seemed like a pretty straight-forward technique ; peel off the plastic, put the sticky side on your nail and press a damp cotton ball on top for ten seconds and then once it’s set paint over the top in a clear polish to set. So, I hopped to it and gave it a go.

nail art

In all honesty I wasn’t that happy with the outcome. Because of the cardboard backing it’s hard to get the piece of paper to stay in place on your curved nail. These were definitely more of a challenge to apply than ‘Nail Wraps’ which I absolutely adore!

Also I found that because my chosen design, a black skyline of a city, ended up just looking like I had cracked/worn off nail polish. Not very nice at all.

For the price of 12CHF I picked a pack of 20 nail tattoos in different sizes with the skyline design, and I also picked up another pack which I will compare to this one. I really feel like nail appliqués and all that are great products especially for lazy people like me who get tired of waiting for layers of polish to dry, but perhaps I just didn’t like these ones because of it all being one colour and looking just like cracked nail polish.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick ‘review’ sort of post. Have you ever used nail appliqués or tattoos before? Please share your experience below if you have!

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Stop wasting time!

time concept

Hello my lovelies!

Goodness me has time flew lately. Not only am I nearing the end of my two month exchange to Switzerland, but it’s also almost halfway through January! Have you been powering through steps to achieve your new years resolutions, or have you already lost the determination and focus that you came filled to the brim with at 12:01am on the 1st? Well today i’ve got a post for you to help you refocus on what you want to achieve this year, and more importantly what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Let’s get real guys, we only have a short time on this earth, we might as well make the most of it. Continue reading

That is so fetch… Gretchen Wieners comes to life in the form of bling


Hey there my lovelies!

What are your thoughts on that classic chick-flick ‘Mean Girls’? Personally, I adore it, along with many other teens my age. It’s kind of a slumber party essential. Now owning a copy of the film isn’t the only way you can get your 90’s nostalgia fix, because as most of the world have already come to realise, there is a jewellery collection being released in February dedicated to the likes of Gretchen Weiners – how fetch! Continue reading

Welcome to 2014


Why hello there lovelies! How are you? Tired, hung-over or feeling fab? I hope you’re all feeling wonderful today but if you’ve still got a bit of a headache going on no worries, it’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get started on those goals and/or resolutions. Whether you’ve decided to put yourself to the test this year and mark down bungee jumping as something you wish to do or you just have absolutely no idea i’ve got a post for you today that will inspire and motivate you to believe, achieve and create the best life possible for yourself this year. Without further a due, here is your first post of 2014. Continue reading

Brace yourself : Improvements are coming

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Hello lovelies!

It'd be absolutely fantastic if you could help me out by voting on this poll. I want to do everything I can to improve for you all in 2014 so any advice or ideas you have feel free to comment below!

Also how are you liking the new theme? Personally I adore it, but what do you think?

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Christmas Sweatz : Youtube x Christmas

Hello my lovelies!

Lately i’ve been obsessing over this online show called ‘Top That’ hosted by none other than the majestic Tyler Oakley and Becca Frucht from POPSUGAR.

This episode is particularly Christmassy, although my favourites would have to be the ones regarding Celebs. Love love love!

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fabulous day or night wherever you happen to be.

Enjoy the holidays!

Until next time,

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OOTD : Short and Shorter

OOTD : Short and Shorter

Hello my lovelies!

Since tomorrow i’m heading off on my big long journey to Switzerland (eeeep!) i’m going to be doing my Outfit of the Day post today. I decided to mix things up a bit by wearing my girly frilly strapless dress from City Beach in a new way. Here’s what I did :

What i’m wearing :

- Black and White Polka Dot Strapless from City Beach $70.00
– Black and White Skull Scarf from Myer (Dangerfield) $14.00
– Black Matte Doc Martens $160.00
– White Frilly Over the Knee socks from Urban Outfitters $14.00

On my Face :

For my makeup I did my usual Nearly Naked foundation, Body Shop Bronzer etc and then went in with my Stila ‘In the Moment’ palette to create a black and white smokey eye. Since I haven’t even had breakfast yet i’m not wearing lipstick but today I will be wearing Geradium from Lime Crime.

On my hair i’m using Ruffle Up from the Redken Signature Range $23.00

Well I hope you enjoy this look, make sure you give the Purrfash Facebook page a ‘Like’ to stay updated with everything Purrfash – including finding out who the Raffle winner who will be announced today!