In an Instant : NALA L.A


I was having a good ol’ scroll through instagram today when a certain brand caught my eye; it was the funny sayings on their merch that first had me going “I need this”, only to find out that the clothes were also incredibly comfortable, came in a neutral colour palette on to top it off were affordable! Ugh, perfection. Anyway, enough of that, take a look at some of the rad items on offer from NALA Los Angeles, for purchasing details click here. Don’t forget to follow @kalidasaweb on Instagram while you’re at it!! Continue reading

Wise Words of Wisdom : Soliloquy


Today i’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of thinking is generally accompanied with a search for answers. Personally I find poetry to be a very good way of expressing thought and on the most part when I am surfing the interwebs I will find a quote or poem that describes with perfect sincerity the thoughts that I am thinking. Here are a few of my favourite quotes, all found on Soliloquy. Continue reading

Rebellious Words


Hi there, my name is Mackayla, i’m 17 years old, and i’m a share-a-holic.
If I see a funny quote that totally sums up what I happen to be thinking – I share it. No question about it. I guess you could say i’m one of those people that believe that pictures say more than words… especially when they’re rotten e-cards. Here is a small compilation of some of my favourite ‘quotes’, please note that I found most of these on my favourite Facebook page Rebel Circus, so go give them a ‘like’ if you enjoy them!
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Stop wasting time!

time concept

Hello my lovelies!

Goodness me has time flew lately. Not only am I nearing the end of my two month exchange to Switzerland, but it’s also almost halfway through January! Have you been powering through steps to achieve your new years resolutions, or have you already lost the determination and focus that you came filled to the brim with at 12:01am on the 1st? Well today i’ve got a post for you to help you refocus on what you want to achieve this year, and more importantly what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Let’s get real guys, we only have a short time on this earth, we might as well make the most of it. Continue reading

That is so fetch… Gretchen Wieners comes to life in the form of bling


Hey there my lovelies!

What are your thoughts on that classic chick-flick ‘Mean Girls’? Personally, I adore it, along with many other teens my age. It’s kind of a slumber party essential. Now owning a copy of the film isn’t the only way you can get your 90’s nostalgia fix, because as most of the world have already come to realise, there is a jewellery collection being released in February dedicated to the likes of Gretchen Weiners – how fetch! Continue reading

Welcome to 2014


Why hello there lovelies! How are you? Tired, hung-over or feeling fab? I hope you’re all feeling wonderful today but if you’ve still got a bit of a headache going on no worries, it’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get started on those goals and/or resolutions. Whether you’ve decided to put yourself to the test this year and mark down bungee jumping as something you wish to do or you just have absolutely no idea i’ve got a post for you today that will inspire and motivate you to believe, achieve and create the best life possible for yourself this year. Without further a due, here is your first post of 2014. Continue reading

Purrfit : Feels like someone HIIT me


Hello my lovelies!

Well after five consecutive HIIT / kickboxing workouts I feel like i’m practically dead (thanks Cassey Ho). Although, I know i’ll feel so much stronger tomorrow for it! I hope you have all had an amazing day like I have and enjoyed your weekend. Here’s some motivational quotes/pictures from pinterest I found very inspiring!

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The Best Feeling in the World

The Best Feeling in the World

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing that made you happy when you wear it? That makes you want to take a million goofy selfies and no matter how ridiculous you look you feel empowered by your confidence in wearing that piece? That is the best thing about fashion, about style, about expressing yourself through clothing.