Beauty Must-Haves for the Acne Sufferer – Tried & Tested


Acne is whole lot of hurt. Not just the hurt of the annoying, under-the-skin bumps either. Having acne is emotionally draining, over time those little bumps slowly steal away at your self-confidence. There are so many different products on the market that claim to rid your skin of acne. However, the majority of them just don’t work. During my struggle with acne I tried everything from Proactiv to Clearasil. Nothing worked for me, until about a month ago, when I came across some of the most amazing products i’ve ever tried… and now all i’ve got to deal with are the minimal scarring left behind! Read on to find out what Skincare products you need if you suffer from acne. Make sure to Share this post with someone you know that’s going through an acne battle, the quicker they find these products the better! Continue reading

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