Golden Delicacies


I’ve always been a fan of delicate, golden jewellery. That’s why i’m so thrilled that brand-spanking new Australian company, By Baby, are allowing Sought-after Style readers an exclusive look at their their first ever jewellery collection launching this month. Read on and take a look at the intricate bling coming soon to their website, and make sure to give their Facebook page a ‘Like’ by following the click-through link hereContinue reading

Fall 2013



Good Morning Lovelies!

Now it’s a widely known fact that I am obsessed with leather and leather-look products, so i’m finding it incredibly exciting that the whole bikey-esque look is popping up everywhere from magazines to high fashion runway shows lately.  Continue reading

How to : Wear Coloured Makeup

How to : Wear Coloured Makeup

Hello lovely ladies!

Now I thought today i’d share with you my top tip for wearing coloured makeup without it coming off as over-the-top or offensive (aka the classic faux-pas of blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick?!). The trick is to use an eyeshadow or lipstick in a contrasting colour to either your hair (as I do here) or the dominant colour in your outfit.

Because I now have orange hair (thank you bleach wash) I thought it’d stray away from my golden-brown and black sultry smokey eyes to something a bit more fun and creative! In wearing a purple lipstick, (I use poison berry by limecrime) or conjuring up a purple smokey eye using my stila ‘in the moment’ palette I successfully incorporate a pop of colour that lights up not only my face and draws attention to my bone structure but to my outfit of choice!

So in closing, you could choose to wear a dark blue/purple liner when wearing a yellow shirt or smacking on some pretty pink lipstick if you are donning a green scarf over an all-white ensemble! Just take a look at a colour wheel and locate the colour you are wearing (or your hair colour) on the chart and look directly opposite to that and this is the colour you should use to add that extra bit of ‘pop’ to your outfit.